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Tuesday 26 January 2021
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Taxi Trade Credit Union will be open as normal hours through tier 4 restrictions.


New Article

Taxi Trade Credit Union will be open as normal hours through tier 4 restrictions.

New Article

Taxi Trade Credit Union will be open as normal hours through tier 4 restrictions

New Article

Taxi Trade Credit Union will be open as normal hours through tier 4 restrictions

New Article

Taxi Trade Credit Union will be open as normal hours through tier 4 restrictions.

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This Years AGM will be held between 6pm & 8pm

on Monday 11th February 2019

Premier Inn

80 Ballater Street Glasgow G5 0TW

All Members Welcome

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Dear Member

General Data Protection Regulations [GDPR] 2018

Since its enactment the Data Protection Act [DPA] has undergone various amendment and enhancement, the next of which will come into effect on 25 May 2018. Many of the GDPR’s main concepts and principles are much the same as those in the current DPA, but there are new elements and significant enhancements that entail the Taxi Trade Credit Union [TTCU] having to do some things for the first time and some things differently.

Some parts of the GDPR will have more of an impact on some organization’s than on others, for example, the provisions relating to profiling or children’s data. Overall, the TTCU will be examining all procedures to ensure they cover the rights of all members, including how personal data will be deleted and how the organization will provide data electronically and in a commonly used format. All staff and participating Board Members will be made fully aware of these processes.

In brief, the GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:

 the right to be informed;

 the right of access;

 the right to rectification;

 the right to erasure;

 the right to restrict processing;

 the right to data portability;

 the right to object; and

 the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including


On the whole, the rights of individuals under the GDPR are the same as those under the DPA but with some significant enhancements. Given the TTCU’s full compliance with the DPA, the transition to the GDPR will not prove problematic and as a member, you will notice no difference in the way your account is managed. Nonetheless, to ensure full compliance with GDPR and that the personal information and details held relating to your account are fully up to date, I enclose an updated member application form that should be signed and witnessed in all required fields and returned to this office at the earliest opportunity.

This information is provided to you in order that you are fully appraised of the latest development in this field. Should you require any further details on the General Data Protection Regulations, additional information can be obtained from the Information Commissioner Office at ICO.ORG.UK.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Higgins


Taxi Trade Credit Union

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Dear Member

As from the 30th November 2017 the Co-Operative Bank is withdrawing the Paypoint Service we are in the process of setting up Allpay unfortunately this will not be available until January 2018 in the mean time the Office is open five days a week we also have Switch or Internet Banking sorry for any inconvenience.

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This Years A.G.M will held on the Monday 22 February 2016 at the Premier Inn Hotel 80 Ballater St Glasgow all members welcome

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Your Statement is on its way

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The office will be closed on 25th & 26th Dec 2013 reopen Friday 27th Dec We wish yous all a Very Merry Christmas  

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The Office will be Closed Monday 30th May 2011

Direct Payment

We are pleased to offer a new service for all Glasgow Taxi Owners, who can now make payments directly into their Credit Union account via their monthly credits.

Any member wishing to participate in this scheme please call into the office and complete the appropriate form. 

We regret due to administrative difficulties, this service is presently only available to owners.

Loan Applications

We would like to remind all members that when applying for a loan, all application forms must be submitted into the office no later than noon every Friday, for payouts the following Wednesday, and not on the Monday that the Credit Committee meet.

If members submit a loan application form on a Monday it will not be considered by the Credit Committee until the following week. Members can, of course, submit a form any weekday for consideration the following week.


Office Hours

Would all members please note that as of 30th June 2008 the office will be closed between 12 - 12.30pm for staff lunch breaks. Thank you.

Friday Office Hours

Would all members please note that the office will now open until 2.00pm every Friday commencing 14th June. We hope that this change in our office hours will assist our members.

Nightshift Collection

This service has been suspended until further notice.

We would remind members that they can use their paypoint cards to make payments at any time from one of the many outlets across Glasgow.



Easy to use. Safe, Secure, and Confidential, as well as Convenient. Accepted at over 300 outlets in Glasgow.

Do you have a Payoint card?

Call in or telephone the office to collect your card or find out more about this service.

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Updated: Monday 27 January 2020